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Slug Princess Meets Fox Prince... [Future "M"] Empty Slug Princess Meets Fox Prince... [Future "M"]

Post by Deidara on Fri Jul 23, 2010 1:31 am



[spoiler][/spoiler] = Sexual
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Chapter 1: Foxy Slug

Tsunade. She now was the Leaf Slug Princess. The Hokage Godaime. She
surprisingly took the job both her boyfriend, Dan, and brother, Nawaki
had dreamed of achieving. But, she felt empty inside now, and felt as
though she would continue with this seemingly permanent empty feeling
inside her body. She lost two people because of the fabled necklace she
gave Uzumaki Naruto, and lost two loved ones because of it. The
boy reminded her much of her former lover, and Brother, bringing back
those tragic memories from time to time again. So, she couldn't let
Naruto walk away, or leave for training with Jiraiya, the Toad-Sage,
just yet. She called him in, having Shizune gather the Nine-Tailed
Jinchuuriki to her office immediately on this Friday. "Tsunade-chan...
here is Naruto-kun," Shizune said, letting Naruto in before closing the
door from outside the office. Naruto stood there, holding his arms
behind his head, giving a curious look to whom he called

"Naruto... please come here," Tsunade said, as
she faced him. She watched him walk over to her, him preparing to make a
quick statement to her. However, the boy would be interrupted.
"Granny-Tsunade, what did you-" Naruto began. She hugged the small boy,
putting her arms around him. He was embraced into her soft chest, him
blushing heavily. She was happy. Tears went down her face, as she was
happy to hug someone who had the same spirit that she loved in her
brother and former lover. They were Naruto. So... she did love
Naruto. Instead of the previously given kisses on the forehead, she
pressed her lips to his. The deadlock of their lips lasted for several
seconds, Naruto's blush covering his face, breaking it only after she
willfully did to him. "Uh... Gr- Granny-Tsunade...? Wh- why did you...?"
He tried to say. However, she provided an answer for him without being
asked to do from him.

"Naruto... I... Love who you are. You're
just like my former lover... and for that... I love you the same..,"
Tsunade said. She embraced him again. His blush returned, him
understanding now. He was exactly like Dan, so she has the same
feelings for Naruto as she does for when Dan was alive. "... I- I love
you too, Tsunade... you're the only woman who openly believed in me,
before..." He stuttered, holding her closely. One might think she was
acting motherly, but he pictured them perfect. She loved what he was;
she loved his spirit, and determination. And he found love, and
compassion from her. She believed in him when not many people would.
This made them happy. Screw what others would think. He loved her, and
she loved him. If it made them happy, they didn't worry what others had
thought of them. However, Tsunade knew well control was necessary.

we mustn't let others know of our love... this would seem bad if they
knew...," Tsunade told him. He nodded with her, his head in between her
soft breasts as he nodded. They shared a gentle press on the lips, him
holding onto her back, making out passionately with the Godaime. His
heart beat increased rapidly, him enjoying the feel of the Godaime's
lips against his own. It made him feel good to be loved by a woman; not a
male-figure like Iruka-sensei from the Academy. If someone like a Woman
of Tsunade's looks could have affection for him, he felt there was hope
for him after all. He stood there for several seconds, seated in a
passionate kiss with the Godaime, before forced to depart due to
missions. They were both pleased to know both had a mutual liking to the
other, and that they were loved by the other. However, the Jinchuuriki
felt that something awful would soon happen. But what?

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