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Cockashi & Sasgay vs The Homosexual Green Beast & Shitamarker

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Cockashi & Sasgay vs The Homosexual Green Beast & Shitamarker Empty Cockashi & Sasgay vs The Homosexual Green Beast & Shitamarker

Post by Inbō Sake on Thu Nov 25, 2010 12:02 am

Kakashi and Sasuke both stood on the sandal of the statue of Hashirama at the Valley of the End. They were about to begin training. The great waterfall fell just near them, the water vapor coming off in heavy clouds, almost concealing their position. The rushing water drowned out most noise. The two took an offensive stance, preparing.

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Cockashi & Sasgay vs The Homosexual Green Beast & Shitamarker Empty Re: Cockashi & Sasgay vs The Homosexual Green Beast & Shitamarker

Post by Hoden Jisei on Thu Nov 25, 2010 12:16 am

“Don’t you worry, ‘Maru, I’ve been clashing with ol’ Kakashi for years; we’re tied to this very day. You’ll be alright, kid,” Might Guy reassured. To be honest with himself, he was lying; Kakashi was ahead of him by a couple big-wins. One being Ninjutsu, and another Taijutsu; it was a hell-of-a pairing for them to go against each other as nemeses. However, knowing Shikamaru knew Lee, ol’ Guy-Sensei wanted to set off the idea that he had been equally matched with Kakashi; Lee looked up to Guy-Sensei, even modeling his appearance after Guy-Sensei. Might Guy could not handle what might happen to Lee if he found out Kakashi was better than he was; Lee was only striving to be great like Guy-Sensei. Would Lee kill himself? No, Might Guy did not like to think about such things. He wanted to let go of such thoughts; he barred forward with pride and shouts of youth. “It’s Shikamaru, god… such a pain… why exactly am I doing this again?” Shikamaru questioned. They stopped, and Might Guy looked with a smirk at Shikamaru. It was not evil, or sinister or anything. Nor was it sinful, or prideful; it was just plain creepy. The Taijutsu expert smirked, preparing to tell the Nara reason, right after inhaling a deep-breath. “Do you really want me to tell Ino about your youthful passion for her?” Might Guy asked. Shikamaru turned a deep-red color in the cheeks, not knowing how to respond. He was caught; dirty blackmail… such a drag. With the problem resolved, they continued walking through the streets, Might Guy eyeing the locations. He waved fist-pumped at the sign of a theatre playing a movie based on famous love-songs; he looked at Shikamaru. “We must go see this film of youthful love, and woe after the fight, ‘Maru. This could help you win over that Blondie,” Might Guy decreed. Shikamaru had no choice; he was trapped due to the blackmail of his feelings getting out. He was a silent, always-thinking, and annoyed-by-life Chunin. “It’s Shikamaru! And… ugh… fine,” Shikamaru replied. He had no further choice in the matter. He walked quietly with Might Guy, finally looking around; he turned towards Might Guy, finally speaking after several minutes of silence. The opponent’s were nowhere to be found. “Guy-Sensei, where exactly was the fight supposed to be at?” Shikamaru questioned, raising an eyebrow. He had a feeling they were going the wrong way; there was no sign of anyone, or their opponents for that matter. This was pissing him off; did they come all this way for nothing? Might Guy ponder for a moment, holding his fingers below his chin, tapping his chin with the fingers in a rhythm. He moved his hips, doing a little dance with his thighs as he thought about it. “Stop it,” Shikamaru muttered. Might Guy nodded, keeping his body still as he just remembered where they would meet. “Oh! The Valley of the End… the place where the statues of Madara Uchiha and the First Hokage are,” Might Guy explained. He literally gave himself a punch to the face, and turned around abruptly. After completing the 180 degree turn, he jumped onto a rooftop, with Shikamaru far behind, and started heading in the opposite direction. “So why is Sasuke doing this?” Shikamaru asked. Might Guy was curious of this himself; he did not completely have the answer to this question. When he told Shikamaru an answer, he made it up; however, he believed this to be a possible answer. “Being… a warrior… or soldier, Sasuke doesn’t use his head a lot. You’re the one that can really make him strategize,” Might Guy stated. Shikamaru nodded; he was beginning to feel used by the Uchiha. Although he was not fond of Sasuke, he felt honored that he was chosen to help strategize over any shinobi in the village. He must have been one of the best if Might Guy would choose him to help Sasuke with his strategizing. However, if he was there for that, what was Might Guy going to do? “While you take care of Sasuke, I’ll be going a-round with Kakashi, perhaps gain the lead in our scoreboard of who can win a youthful battle of strengths. Aha!” Might Guy exclaim to Shikamaru. They had been a few miles pass the Theatre they would be going to after the fight; however, it may be closed by the time the fight ends, seeing, as they would be running late. Shikamaru was hoping he would not have to go; he was only constrained to the blackmail until finishing the training of the Uchiha. He felt glad that he would not have to do too much; he did not want to do anything at all. However, there is a gun at his head, and if he did not do what they say, they will pull the trigger. In this instance, the ‘bullet’ is his crush on Ino, and the ‘gun’ is Might Guy. He was sure as hell fast enough to be a gun. The Village was more populated on the road they took to exit the village, and go into the forest. “Quick! Cross through the rooftops, and escape over the gate!” Might Guy shouted. The gate was closed, and jumping was the only way to make it over; they could see the people below them looking up, noticing the crafty shinobi of their village. The children of the Academy had seen them; waving and cheering at the Chunin and Jōnin. Shikamaru ignored them; he and Might Guy had soared over the gate, rolling forwards as they landed to lower the impact damage. They did not feel much pain, the roll taking away most of it, and they continued by jumping through the trees. “Stay with me, you never know what could try to prevent our youthful gathering with Kakashi and Sasuke,” Might Guy cheered with a fist pump. Shikamaru nodded, having his hands ready to pull out a weapon; he knew from the Forest of Death Exam that danger always lurked nearby. It was a simple fact; a snow-white skinned man attacked Sasuke, it proved such a theory. Shikamaru was also ready to perform Ninjutsu if needed; he was quite a difficult with Shadow Techniques at his disposal, as well. The forest was bright, there being visible slash-marks on trees, and trees with broken branches. They even saw a tree reduced to a stump; it was most likely due to a battle. If the fire died out, the charcoal would be discarded, and the fire could have stopped before burning the stump. It was a simple scenario-analysis for the young strategic-shinobi. They move quickly through the terrain, ever nearing the destination they hoping for. They crossed through fields, clearings, and meadows in this forest-like area; they were running late, and needed to get there soon. They soon were able to see their opponent’s in an opening; it was a rather large waterfall. Shikamaru could see them on the First’s sandal, it being small compared to the rest of the statue’s body. He pointed to them, instructing Might Guy of their location with a simple finger; for respectful purposes, he used his pointer-finger. He could’ve flipped them off, and told his partner of their location at once; however, he wasn’t the disrespectful type. He liked to be a mature type; he’d express the need to not fight if it didn’t affect him, or if he didn’t want to fight. As Shikamaru walked, Might Guy was doing a dramatic pose, shouting to Kakashi: “Ah, Kakashi, we meet again – we may be tied, but this time I intend to break it. The Youthful spirit inside of me shall help me win! Haha!” Might Guy pointed at Kakashi, laughing to himself in a deep-voice. Shikamaru simply held his hand up, waving at his two opponents; he did not really give a damn about this. He did not give a damn about many things. He only did things when he had to; when he did those things, he was using every inch of his thinking ability to accomplish it with success. Such examples could be when he won a strategy game against Asuma, or when he defeat Temari of the Sand Village. He just did not care; he had no need to be here, but he had to be here if he wanted his one secret to remain a secret. He walked on the water with Might Guy, facing their opponents with a powerful stare; they would not be frightened away by the Sharingan-Squad, and would keep on prevailing in this fight for victory. If they tried to stop them, they would counter, and keep going at it. Sasuke is a reckless person fueled by anger, and Shikamaru’s logic will stop that. Might Guy’s speed would also help him stop his nemeses Ninjutsu successfulness. They stared down the Hokage’s statue, it being very tall, and modeled accurately after the Hokage’s wardrobe. They waited for the opponent’s to make the first move.

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