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Anko- Konohamaru! Empty Anko- Konohamaru!

Post by Koto on Sat Nov 05, 2011 9:50 pm

Konohamaru: "ke-ke-ke!! Scary Snake Lady's breast!!"

- Hiding inside the bushes near the hot spring, Konohamaru sat there, snickering to himself, soaking in the view of Anko's nude body- an intense fluster drawing across his face as he fantasized; focusing on new ways to improve his infamous Sexy Technique. - Anko seemed to have no idea that she was being watched, and studied. (For good reason. To protect the village.) -
Konohamaru: "Naruto-dono would be soo jealous!! I'm finally going to master those secret places-kore!"

As he had let out a small chuckle, he heard the sound of someone breathing down on his neck, causing his stomach to tighten, afraid that he had been caught. - He could feel hot water dripping down onto the back of his neck and head, and the feel of something cold and metal rubbing against his neck.

Anko: "Your just like that kid Naruto... A little pervert."

Konohamaru: "N-no! I... I was studying..! F-for my t-training..! I swear! I wasn't l-looking! My eyes were closed!"

Anko: "Really? Then whats with this nose bleed, huh?"

Anko's hand wrapped around Konohamaru's neck, clenching it tightly and drawing him tightly against her body, she ran the kunai along his cheekbone, tracing it to his lips, where the blood from his nose tinkled down. - She had lightly wiped it off, using the tip of the kunai, and moving around to his side. - Konohamaru's eyes had briefly drifted over, catching a glimpse of her firm breast, causing him to fluster even more, and causing a light headed feeling. - Knowing she had the clear advantage, Anko continued to tease more, doing it more so for sadistic pleasure than sexual. - Standing up, Anko allowed her ass to drift infront of Konohamaru's face, though clenching her legs together to hide the lips of her pussy.

Anko: "As punishment for this lewdness... You will accompany me on a high-risk mission. And if you fail.... I'll kill you."

Anko turned around slightly, sticking out her tongue and winking, sending a chill up Konohamaru's spine, and causing him to fall back onto his bottom, unable to speak out of fear, and embarrassment. - She had then proceeded in the direction of the bamboo door, releasing the nude shadow clone which had been bathing in the hot-spring. Leaving Konohamaru there, crushed in fear.

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Anko- Konohamaru! Empty Re: Anko- Konohamaru!

Post by Koto on Sat Nov 05, 2011 10:25 pm

(Later that day)

Konohamaru walked through the village, keeping his head lowered, and hands tucked within his pockets, still bright red from the prior experience. - To many people he looked like he was sulking, but instead, he was just worried that Ebisu would find out and scold him once again for being a pervert. - Taking a turn, Konohamaru paused for a second, being outside the Dango Shop, and gulping. Ready for the embarrassment of seeing Anko once again. Though this time clothed.

Anko: "Hey! Get in here little-perv! Your gonna make us late!"

Konohamaru gasped, bringing his hand up in front of his face, his eyes wide, looking at Anko, who had the hanging curtains in the front of the shop help open, nuzzling on several dango's on a stick.

Konohamaru: "S-shut up! I'm not a pervert!"

Anko laughed, leaning forward, and lightly jabbing the sharp end of her dango-stick into Konohamaru's chest; Konohamaru instinctly jumped, swapping the dango stick out of her hand, and stumbling back, brightly flustering in her presence. Her dango had feel to the ground, being knocked out of her hand by Konohamaru when he swatted at the stick.

Anko: "Eh!? What'd you do that for, punk!?"
Konohamaru: "Ahh! I didn't do it on purpose A-Anko-sensei!"

Anko brought her hand back, and fwapped Konohamaru on the side of his head, slamming into his ear and causing them to ring. - Stumbling back, Konohamaru made several odd noises, clenching his ear and moaning in pain. Ignoring the painful cries of the young man, Anko simply stepped forward, grabbing his scarf and yanking on it, causing it to tighten and slightly choke Konohamaru. - She continued walking, dragging Konohamaru with her.

Konohamaru: "Ahh! Anko-Sensei! Why are you soo rough!?"
Anko: "Shut up you little pervert! This is your fault! You shouldn't of been peeking!"

Konohamaru yanked the scarf free of Anko's hand, tugging on the wrapped part around his neck and gasping for air, his blush finally gone. - Shrugging it off, Anko turned and kept walking; not wanting to anger her any further, Konohamaru quickly recovered, chasing after her, and then walking beside her, pursing his lips out in annoyance, as he followed her up to the gates of the village.

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Anko- Konohamaru! Empty Re: Anko- Konohamaru!

Post by Koto on Sat Nov 05, 2011 11:37 pm

Konohamaru: "Soo, what exactly is this dangerous mission anyway?"
Anko: "Well first I need to condition you... And see what your skills are, soo, come at me."
Konohamaru: "Eh!? You want me to attack you, Anko-sensei!?"
Anko: "You better not hold back, or you'll die!"

Anko twisted, ignoring the masses of civilians around, and send a round-house kick at Konohamaru, striking him dead in the chest and sending him flying in direction of one of the large beams of the Konohagakure village gate. - Without any hesitation, Anko immediately set into the next set of attacks, slinging her left hand downward and summoning a kunai from her sleeve. - Konohamaru had slammed into the pillar, letting out a loud 'uumph!' sound; a small amount of smoke had rolled of of his clothes from impact.

Anko: "Get up!"

Several civilians had turned, gasping at the scene; Anko took off in the direction of Konohamaru, bringing her right hand up and forming the 'release' hand seal. - Sliding down the wall, Konohamaru drowsily weaved through several hand seals, bringing his hand infront of him.

Konohamaru: "Katon! Haisekishou"

Quickly forming chakra into the upper portion of his chest, Konohamaru landed against the ground, slamming one of his hands down for balance, in a crouch. He expelled a large burning cloud of ash from his mouth, which expanded outward, sweeping over the area which Anko was about to enter. - Though Anko had performed a quick Shunshin, quickly sliding out of the large cloud, and escaping the flammable gases, and was now in his blind spot.

Anko: "Over here!"

Anko slung her hand forward, sending the kunai in Konohamaru's, attached to a long, slicked metal white, which she held pinched in her left hand. - Konohamaru had caught sight of the kunai, in just enough time to side step, slightly submerging himself in the large ash cloud. - The Kunai struck against the wall, stabbing into it.

Anko: "Katon: Ryūka no Jutsu"

Dragging the wire up to her mouth, Anko clenched it beneath her teeth, clapping her hands onto the edge of the wire and expelling Fire Release chakra from her mouth, and weaving it straight down the wire with her clamped hands. - As it passed outward, the flame had grown into a large flaming dragons head, which was aimed along the wire, to be close enough to Konohamaru's flammable gas cloud to ignite it. - Ignoring the potential casualties of civilians, or Konohamaru.

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Anko- Konohamaru! Empty Re: Anko- Konohamaru!

Post by Koto on Sun Nov 06, 2011 12:18 am

Konohamaru had winced, forming the hand seal for Kage Bunshin, and summoning two shadow clones in the shield of the large ash cloud, thankful he had not detonated it. - Using the time he had left, Konohamaru and one of his Shadow Clones rushed behind the cloud, rushing out of Anko's sight; the clone that had stayed within the ash, heard Anko releasing her Fire Release; and took no time to find out if she actually intended to set off the explosion in the village. - Rushing out, the shadow clone burst out, just as the flaming dragon passed down the wire, hitting the ash. Flames erupted in a violent fury, behind the clone, swarming across the ground, and spewing sand and smoke everywhere.

The clone brought both arms up, slanting it's wrist and grinning, a blush forming across it's cheek.
Konohamaru: "Oiroke no Jutsu!"
Slamming both hands together into the ram seal; the clone raised it's left leg, and smoke swirled all around him, clouding him as he transformed. - Once the smoke cleared, it revealed a posed, nude Anko, biting on a dango stick, with her leg pulled up enough to hide her crotch. - Several men in the area who had been watching squealed in entertainment, blood squirting from their noses. Anko turned, looking at them, her cheeks heating up as a blush swept over her face.

Anko: "W-what!? Y-you... You..!"
Sexy Clone: "Mmm, what's wrong, Anko-domo..? Embarrassed for everyone to see your breast..?"

The Sexy Clone had brought it's finger up, lightly twisting it against it's lips and making a 'puppy' face, innocently looking at Anko as the smoke left the cover of the clone's breast; completely revealing her body. Anko's eyes opened wide, in complete surprise that Konohamaru had went this far.

One of the civilians had pointed upwards, yelling 'look' - Taking her eyes off of the nude image of her; Anko saw two Konohamarus flying down from the top of the village gates, each having one hand in the center of them, holding the Rasengan. - Recovers from her embarrassment , Anko jumped back, out of the direction of Konohamaru, who slammed his Rasengan into the ground, creating a large explosion against his own shadow. - Anko brought her arms up, shielding from the small stones that had been thrown all around from the impact of Rasengan with the ground. - Swirls of steaming chakra spun up Konohamaru's arm, being the leftover chakra from the Rasengan's explosion.

Anko: "Crafty. I honestly didn't expect you to be able to pull of something like that... Specially not with all these people around... But... It won't happen again."

Konohamaru gritted his teeth, becoming heated from the excitement of the battle.

Konohamaru: "Hehe! Give it everything you got Anko-sensei! And I'll knock it all right back in your direction-kore!"

The real Konohamaru had dashed off, running to the left to circle anko; while clone Konohamaru rushed straight forward, going for a straight-forward taijutsu attack. Anko leaped forward, ready to confront the clone, her hand swinging forward, and summoning Many Hidden Shadow Snakes, creating a large amount of snakes to fly from her sleeve, swarming outward to bind the Clone - Not wanting her to figure out which of the two was a clone, Konohamaru threw a shuriken in her direction, and then formed a seal, causing the shuriken to duplicate in mass amounts, all aimed at Anko and the mid-length of the snakes connected to her arm, and also that had bound the Shadow clone.

The shuriken would easily cut through the bodies of the snakes, causing the snakes to fall, releasing the clone from it's binding; and Anko had to jump backwards to avoid being hit by the Shuriken. - Multiple torn apart pieces of snake fell to the ground, blood splattering throughout the area. -

The Sexy Clone just stood there.


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Anko- Konohamaru! Empty Re: Anko- Konohamaru!

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