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Umi "Sibe" Gairo

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Umi "Sibe" Gairo

Post by Koto on Tue Jul 19, 2011 7:18 am

Name: Azuru Gairo
Nickname/Alias Sibe
Age: 17

Gender: Male
Orientation: Heterosexual
Eye Color: Grey
Hair Color: Black

Occupation: Mercenary For Hire
Rank: Missing-Nin

Equipment: Zeri

Personality Information


Female Preferences:


  • Talking Out loud
  • Bridges
  • Being Nude


  • Silence
  • Kumogakure/Beggars
  • Rich People

Techniques - Fighting Information

Main Technique:

  • Summoning Technique (Jellyfish, Giant Jellyfish, Nashi)

Branches of Summoning

  • Summoning Technique: Stinging Minefield - This technique is a ranged, multi-summoning technique on a minor scale, which summons in a varied radius around Umi a collected of assorted Jelly Fish which initially float a few feet up, and hover around, remaining in a single place. However, even though they do not go for an offensive strike against the opponent; if the enemy, or anyone, touches one of the tentacles, they are temporarily paralyzed by the stinger.

  • Summoning Technique: Great Stringing Minefield - This technique is a more enhanced version of it's original, allowing Umi to not only summon small jellyfish, but giant ones which can easily be maneuvered atop of, to use as a platform for Umi's advantage. The range as well, is also greatly increased, creating a massive field, layering around with floating jellyfish, awaiting someone to come in contact with the tentacles. Just as the former version, contact will paralyze the opponents, and, or allies.

  • Summoning Technique: Great Sea Star - This technique is a singular-summon, allowing Umi to summon the "Great Sea Star", Nashi, which is 35m across; which can allow easily traveling for Umi, and any allies. - However, not only in size, but also in power, Nashi is much more powerful than it's youth. Nashi's stinger is capable of delivering a fatal toxin which slowly destroys the cells in the infected person's body, causing excruciating pain, which is nearly incurable (to those who know about Box Jellyfish, the cure is the same for this). And if left untreated, the infected will die with two hours. - The longer the infected is left untreated, the more their body shuts down, slowing, and becoming almost unbearable to even breathe.

Zeri: Zeri is Umi's signature weapon and skill, outside of Summoning; the Zeri is a single handle with the capability of shifting into any hand-held weapon for Sibe's use.

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