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Post by Mikeh on Sat Nov 06, 2010 1:00 am

Name of Bloodline: Unlike most clans who only utilize chakra, otherwise known as the combination of spiritual and physical energies, the Charius utilize Chakra as well as Aura, the Natural energy that exists and can only be collected in Nature itself. Because of this most if not all clans do not have the innate ability to Utilize Aura or control any element to its full extent. However even Aura has its limit. Limited by a specific amount, aura can only be collected and maintained in the human body, it cannon be stored in a seal or item. It also can only be obtained when the body is completely still and immersed in the world around it. Meaning that if the user has rogue thoughts afoot then they will not be able to collect or maintain Aura. This also means that Charius family members tend to be unnaturally calm as anger is known to cause Aura to dissipate from the body.

Honosouran - Fire Control
The Pyrokinetic ability to create and control fire. Fire is the element of power, consisting of overpowering force tempered by the unflinching will to accomplish tasks and desires. The Charius draws its power from the sun. Honosouran is notable for its intensive attacking style and general lack of adequate defense moves.

Clan: Charius

Forest Of Recollection
A small forest located in the back of the clan compound, closest to where the original aura master (Karin) created the clan honed her techniques. Several seals are implanted into the tree, and the spirit of a former guardian is sealed into each one of the seals. Once a clan guardian enters the forest for their training, the seal will activate, and they will have fight several of the former clan guardians in order to achieve their guardian status. The goal is not to win, but to prove yourself to be able to protect, the guardian in-training’s task is usually to protect an object or person.

The trees cannot be burned down by one in tune with aura, due to the seals and the guardian's protecting it. Karin's philosophy was that fire can be gentle, but is usually used a destructive force. A Charius member, who isn't in tune with aura at first, must learn to control aura, and learn to contain fire, and use on their target, to destroy one not all.

*Note: The name comes from the old guardian spirits being summoned from the seals, or RECALLED.

Clan Guardian
The Clan Guardian is the person in the clan is the one to look over every member of the clan’s well being. He or She must willing to give their life for another clan member, or complete stranger need be.. That being said, they must be specially trained to Guardian Exclusive techniques and fighting styles such as the Shouji Kempo. To become a guardian, he/she has to be the first child, (the second child becomes clan head) of the main family member(s). When an old guardian dies before another guardian child is born, a temporary guardian is made.

Abilities: Charius are hard-wired to utilize Natural Energy, which they call Aura. They cannot use aura for attacks that require aura (excusing Clan techniques). They are also able to control the fire element, able to bend it and manipulate it to their will.

History: This clan dates back to the start of the Ninja World. Along with Madara Uchiha and Harashirama Senju, there was another person, who’s name is dismissed in history. Her name is Karin Charius, and she was the creator of Aura and mother of the Charius Clan. Karin was once of Hashirama's close friends, and actually offered the idea of making a treaty with the Uchiha Clan. Karin then soon learned that Madara was up to no good, and attempted to tell Hashirama this, but to no avail. Madara then accused her of treachery and she then migrated to the the western mountains of The Fire Country, discovering the ways of aura and fire control. She learned that fire can be as very gentle, but when angered, fire can also cause destruction. She learned of the skills, but this took many years. Knowing that she wasn’t able to re-produce, and have children to teach them to, she instead turned to her brother: Leo Charius. She spent 20 years teaching him the ways of the Aura and Fire-Bending, before finally passing away. Leo trained himself, and along with his wife, began to build the clan.

They migrated into the suburban part of Konohagakure, near where Karin trained herself, and dubbed the area “The Forest Of Recollection”, due to its mystical properties. Leo began to work out the clan’s perk, and invite more people into the clan. This is technically not a bloodline limit. but their abilities have to be trained from a young age. A member not born into a clan has to go through a ceremony to become a Charius.

Appearance: Most Charius are multi-colored due to several incidents of mixed marriage.
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