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Post by Hoden Jisei on Mon Nov 01, 2010 8:41 pm

Name of Bloodline: Ribāsu

Clan: The Topic's Subject.

Origin: A Mutation That Grew For Generations

Abilities: The Power to use the Yūchiton, Magnetism Release; the techniques allow the controlling of magnetic forces, and polarity.

History: The People of the Jisei Clan were started off through a man's minor mutation. Instead of the typical Lightning Element, he found, through training, that he could control his Lightning into the forms of magnetic and polarity currents. After the ending war, the 'baby boom' allowed him to meet a woman, fall in love, and carry on the genes of his mutation. This stood strong throughout the ongoing generations as they spread.

Appearance: They wear a jacket bearing the image:
Jisei Clan Spark800
on their backs. They most often wear blue jeans, and yellow sandles on their lower-body.

Sample Clan Techniques:

Magnetism Release • Magnet Dance Chaos [Magunton • Magun Mai Kaosu]
- A technique utilizing the Magnetism Element, Focus, Unfocus
- Handseals: Rooster, Dog, Monkey, Dog
- Rank: B
- Effect: A skill where carefully placed spots of magnetic power are placed onto the battlefield, at various places and altitudes. One metal item left at each spot, to be used when the jutsu is released. When releasing this jutsu, the projectiles quickly fly towards the other spots, flying around erratically and at high speeds.

Magnetism Release • Stationary Magnet [Magunton • Teijou Jishaku No Jutsu]
- A technique utilizing Magnetism Element, and Focus
- Handseals: Monkey, Rooster, Dog
- Rank: C
- Effect: A skill in which metallic objects within the surroundings are utilized, in which the user flows magnetic chakra into a metal object and choose a trajectory. In which anything thrown near that projectile will have its trajector changed and launched in a new direction

Magnetism Release • Polarity Armor [Magunton • Kyokesei Yoroi]
- A technique utilizing the Magnetism Element
- Handseals: Monkey, Rooster
- Rank: C
- Effect: A skill where the user changes the polarity of their armor to a positive charged polarity. When this is done, all metallic items or weaponry that comes near the person is repelled from them. This makes a person nerely invulnerable to metal weaponry

Magnetism Release • Magnet Blade [Magunton • Magun no Yaiba]
- A technique utilizing the Magnetism Element, Materialization, and Focus
- Handseals: Rooster, Ram, Dog, Monkey
- Rank: B
- Effect: A skill that involves a blade made from chakra. Channeling chakra through a hilt or a kunai creates a powerful magnetic blade. This blade able to swat away projectiles with a mere swing and not even touching, and able to force armors to split without even touching.

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