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Araarashii Seishin

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Araarashii Seishin

Post by Kaosu on Fri Oct 29, 2010 2:32 pm

Name of Bloodline: Araarashii Seishin 'Untamed Spirit'

Clan: Seishin 'Spirit'

Origin: Mutation at birth


The ability given by the Araarashii Seishin is both a gift and a curse. At birth the chakra of a Seishin clan member is erratic and uncontrollable. It becomes haywire and dangerous, and thus makes jutsu performance dangerous. Most members of the clan don't become shinobi, but there are those few in the clan who seek to become shinobi by means of weaponry or taijutsu.

First Ability:The first ability given by this strange mutation is also an advantage, as well as a curse. This uncontrollable chakra is always surrounding the person. It doesn't fluctuate in power or the amount used, so chakra is never drained. It's just a jumbled up mess of hectic chakra that always surrounds the person. First thought to be a curse it was later discovered that other jutsu, as well as their own, were effected by this. If other people where standing inside this area of effect, their chakra would be influenced as well, making it hectic and chaotic and often backfiring on the person who cast it. The only difference in change is when the person has grown their-self. The chakra system grows more, and so the area of effect gets alittle bigger. Other than that there is never a change in the amount that is surrounding the person, or the power level.

Second Ability:Jutsu that are used outside of the area of effect, but enter the area of effect are also effected. It is found that jutsu lower, equal, or one level higher of the person are effected, not completely dispelling the jutsu, but making it alittle more weaker than its original power.

Disadvantages of First Ability:Obviously a disadvantage of the first ability is the restriction it places on the person. Not only does it hinder the safe practice of ninjutsu or genjutsu to opponents, but to the bloodline wielder as well. This restricts him to using weaponry and taijutsu, which makes being a shiboni difficult to say the least.

Disadvantages of Second Ability:A disadvantage of a second ability is that while any jutsu lower, equal, or one rank higher is effected and weakened alittle as it enters the area of effect, any jutsu two levels or higher actually gains strength as it enters the area of effect, almost doubling in power. This creates a very dangerous situation, and if some jutsu of one rank higher are still powerful enough can benefit as well, instead of being weakened.

Rage: This is an fluctuation in the field surrounding the person influenced by a drastic emotional change. Normally it can start with any emotion, but it always leads to anger, which triggers it the quickest. During Rage, the field of hectic chakra takes physical form. It not only effects chakra, but physical things around him as well. This form however can cause damage to the bloodline wielder as well as any opponent, or ally. Also there are fluctuations during rage, so chakra is being drained. Eventually, if the persons emotional state is returned to normal, the person will collapse from chakra exhaustion, and in some cases a deep sleep.


It was first thought to be a curse, and nothing could be done about it. The clans gave up on trying to become shinobi. Eventually Kaosu's great grandfather and his friend discovered that it effected other peoples chakra as well, and thus the idea of using close combat styles was introduced. Combined, they could make their curse also an advantage.

Many today still have given up on the practices of the shinobi, but more and more of the clan is coming around, and people are taking up the form of Taijutsu or Weaponry.

Appearance: Eye color changes a bit, and the chakra during rage normally takes on the form of an object. In Kaosu's case for instance during rage his eyes turn to a darker green-brown mix, and the chakra takes the form of tails with triangular points, hence the nickname Little Devil.


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Re: Araarashii Seishin

Post by Hunter on Fri Oct 29, 2010 2:35 pm

Since you added first and second abilities, there should be trainings.

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Re: Araarashii Seishin

Post by Hunter on Fri Oct 29, 2010 2:50 pm


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Re: Araarashii Seishin

Post by Sponsored content

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