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Kaosu ~Little Devil~ Empty Kaosu ~Little Devil~

Post by Kaosu on Fri Oct 29, 2010 2:04 pm

Name: Kaosu

Surname: Seishin

Nickname: Shō Akuma

Age: 11

Height: 4 feet 8 Inches

Weight: 97 lbs

Hair Color: White

Eye Color: Hazel, ranging from a sea green to green-brown mix.

Skin Type: Normal white/tan color.

Appearance: Kaosu wears a black shirt, either long sleeved or short sleeved depending on the weather, and black pants. Metal plating wrapped and soed inside hard leather was sowed into the cloth shirt and pants. It protects most of the largely exposed area's such as torso, back, thighs, calfs, and what not. The leather keeps the metal from making loud noises against other objects when moving or trying to be stealthy. He has pouches for his ninja tools, as well as a backpack that he wears rather loosely. Also black training weights can normally be seen being worn around his wrists, ankles, and his hip. These are what he uses to enhance his speed, endurance, and physical strength. He usually never takes them off, and even wears them in practices.

Personality: Kaosu can maintain a calm, peaceful, and overall relaxed state. However he is truly an untamed spirit. A wild child who is unpredictable and destructive by nature, without actual intentions of being this way. Most of it is influence from his bloodline, and other influences are just because its his nature. He is somewhat friendly to others, sometimes when he is in a bad mood he can be angry, and even cruel, and very chaotic. Otherwise he is a fairly sociable person, who can be easy to get along with if one can learn not to get too close to him, as his haywire nature makes most people nervous.

Likes: Training at night, especially when theres a good strong wind.

Dislikes: Having to sleep the whole night away.

Relatives: Yes (NPC until someone feels like taking the spot)

Village: Konohagakure (Born in the Land of Woods)

Rank: Genin

Training Weights x5
Kunai x10
Shuriken x10
Ninja Wire x50 feet
Medicine x5
Soldier Pills x3


Name:Odayakana kōka 'Serene Effect'
Rank:E-A Passive (Currently D Rank)
Description:The effect his bloodline has on his chakra, this is when Kaosu is in his calm state. The chakra has not become physical yet and only disrupts other jutsu that enter its field. The current area the chakra surrounds is a radius of ten feet around Kaosu.

Name:Kaosu kōka 'Chaotic Effect'
Rank:E-A (Currently D Rank)
Description:The effect his bloodline has on his chakra, this is when Koasu is in an highly emotional state, usually it can start with another emotion, but always leads to anger in the end. The chakra becomes physical at this point, and its uncontrolled nature creates a field of whip-lashing chakra. It effects all jutsu and physical objects around him. However this field is fluctuating in power and the amount, so it does not last forever.


Kaosu was born into the Araarashii Seishin clan. During his child birth a random wind storm had struck the clan compound, and the roof to the room he was being born in was torn off, allowing him to be born with the entire night sky as a witness. Everyone had made a joke that day after, talking about how a boy had been born and chaos was created. The joke stuck shortly after and his name became Kaosu.

As a child he always loved the night skies. He could be found almost any hour of the night, practicing his taijutsu skills, and working out. He was one of the few in his clan determined to become a shinobi, even after he learned about his clans troublesome curse. His roughest time was in the academy, mostly with performing ninjutsu, and also because he prevented others from performing jutsu as well. However with hard work and a very honed and trained skill in taijutsu, he passed and was given his headband as an official ninja and genin.

As of now, he is a fresh genin waiting to see what roads lay ahead of him. Only time will tell, and so his journey begins...

Roleplay Sample: (Only shooting for genin, so I'm gonna make it rather short on purpose) The boy fell back to earth with a loud 'oof' as he hit the ground on his back and the air temporarily left his lungs. He rolled around gasping for a few minutes before getting his breath back, and then looking up at the tree in frustration. Not several days ago he could run up the tree just fine, now he couldn't get up halfway without falling on his ass, or here recently his back.

Muttering incoherently and calling the tree some nasty names, he stormed in to clean up at the river that was nearby, before getting some sleep and starting over again. He'd been practicing throughout the day, and well into the night. He liked it though. The nice, cool breezes and the crisp night air was the perfect training conditions. That and when it got too cold it was the perfect motivator to start getting things right.

Did you read the rules?: icanlrn2rdyessir


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Kaosu ~Little Devil~ Empty Re: Kaosu ~Little Devil~

Post by Hunter on Fri Oct 29, 2010 3:03 pm

Approved with a handsome stamp.

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