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Tennessee Rage

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Tennessee Rage Empty Tennessee Rage

Post by Inbō Sake on Fri Jul 30, 2010 12:45 am

This fucking sucks. I hate it here. Fucking mountain. Stupid ass cabin. Gay heights. Vertigo. Old people. Long ass car ride. Nothing to fucking do except stare a t trees. Which one? Oh so many. So many FUCKING TREES. Internet is slow as fuck. Can barely use the computer. Lost my whole fucking post for Sanshu. Stupid fucking hicks can't talk worth a shit. "Well hay thar!" I'll 'hay thar' my foot up your ass. They can't talk right because they don't have a fucking education. Go to school you stupid fucks, ITS FREE. Dumbass people. Put a fucking bear and flowers on a plunger. Wonderful gift. Fucking wonderful. I'm really going to give my grandparents THAT. Stupid asses. Fuck! Ok. I can keep writing now. Not sitting next to dickhead anymore. Hm... what to bitch- NO fuck you- I don't want to look at your god damn edge. What? I had to look at you so you could tell me THAT!? Fuck you, stupid ass bitch.

(2nd Page)

Wow. 2nd page in this notebook now. This shit sucks. Stupid ass cabin. Smells like shit. Looks like shit too. No wonder it looks and smells like one. Shits made of what I'm writing on. Ha. Hm, what next? Oh, right, next I'll rage about DollyWood. Yeah, fuckers, theres a theme part here called DOLLYWOOD! It's a sack of shit too. Fucking gay ass dolly parton. I bet he likes taking wood up his gay ass, with his fucked up teeth. Fucker. That motherfucker just had to have a god damn theme park. Stupid ass rollercoaster named ThunderHead. I bet Dolly Fagton loves getting ThunderHEAD down his fucking throat. Oh. And another rollercoaster called the Mystery Mine! The mystery is a dick and the mine is Dolly's Gaping Asshole. Fuckin prick. Oh, and then there was a snow-cone. Tasted like fucking ice water with food coloring. Feels good to RAGE. Hand hurts from writing. But I don't give a shit. Can't type. Going home tomorrow. What a fucking relief. A few more hours in this hellhole.

(3rd Page)

Woopie fucking doo, third page of rage. Hm, what to write about now? Oh yeah. My pops name is Lole. Take off the e. Yep, stupid fucks for parents named him Lol. Might as well just call him 'Laugh Out Loud'. Stupid bitch. Ring and little finger on my left hand hurt now. Stupid useless little little bitches. Fuck. Stupid ass mom. Gotta BRB. Ow. Fucking hand. - K. Back. Played a game of checkers with myself. I lost. Fucking checkers. Who the fuck made them? I want to punch them in the face. Pricks. Running out of shit to bitch about. Oh yeah! I saw Pain at Dollywood. Human path was there. They made him take his akatsuki cloak off. Fuckers. He should have ripped their soul out. Tobi would have been a good boy. Oh, forgot to mention there are only like six niggers here in Tennessee. Five of them were riding Dolly's Wood. One was jogging to KFC for breakfast. Mm, KFC. A Niggers Paradise. No, not really. A real paradise for niggers would be the all you can eat fried chicken at Dolly Wood.

(4th Page)

Hm. Fourth and final page. What a bunch of stupid fucking bullshit. Never thought my life would suck (Fuck you) this much. I would rather be at home with my dogs. And that's saying something. Really. Those dogs are a pain in the fucking ass. Stupid bitches never go outside to piss. All they ever want to do is stare at the fucking chain link fence. Stupid ass motherfuckers. I thought these fucking tennessee hicks were stupid. My dogs make them look like scholars. They really do. Hand hurts like a bitch now. Stupid fucking left hand. Stupid ass little finger. Great, now I can't fucking sleep. Might as well fill up the rest of the page. Fucking college-ruled notebook. Theres like 9 more lines to fill. 8 now. Now 7. You know what, fuck you college-ruled notebook. Damn sack of shit. Yeah, bitch, I just called you the cabin. Stupid piece of shit shoulda stayed a tree. Dolly could a used you for anal wood. Hm, it seems my rage has finally ended. Fuck you too.

Dark Salmon, Coral

For vain is all the toil and trouble
Vain is all the heartbreak
In the end I'll find my solace
In an earthen cradle

So good night
Inbō Sake
Inbō Sake

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