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[Non-Fanfiction] Project A.N.G.E.L.

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[Non-Fanfiction] Project A.N.G.E.L.

Post by Tsuna Uchiha on Mon Jul 26, 2010 12:29 am

Prologue: The Rising...

It was the Whitehouse, year 2048, and Technology has taken the world by storm. It was the time of the Presidential Welcome for a four year term as the United States president. President Alfred Gonvon, Vice-President Sigfried Romna, and thousands of other Americans, including the Congress, gathered here to welcome the two honorable men. “My fellow Americans,” President Gonvon began, giving a warm-hearted introduction to those whom watched. Everybody whom stood on the grass, and in the streets stopped to listen. “… I am proud to say, I, and my Vice-President, Romna, will be leading this country for the four years. But, we would like to thank Presidential-candidate Joseph Ruo, and Vice-Presidential-candidate Timothy Evos for a noble campaign to become president.” The president stated. The congress, and Romna, all nodded to his kind words. The president continued his speech at a steady pace.

At the A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) Lab in Mississippi, problems began to stir up hours before the speech. They attempted to make the world’s first android, a humanoid created from technology to benefit mankind. However, things didn’t go as planned. The android, nicknamed A. N. G. E. L. (Android Neutralizes Government’s Enemies with Lethal force) , was designed to do what it’s anagram meaning stated. The A.N.G.E.L. program stated that the Android would only be used to take down enemies of the United States, and would leave all others unharmed. Their plans included assassinating the Iranian President, to halt Nuclear Attacks without a commander to order them, and sending them as a replacement of soldiers in war. If the metal androids were sent, their external body would save them from bullets used by enemy soldiers.

Ultimangel, as the first ANGEL program android prefers to be called, would lead a revolution. “Come here… hehe… Ultimangel..” Professor Okvic told the android with a snicker. He reached into the android’s circuits, doing a maintenance check on the mechanics of it. However, this would be his biggest mistake ever. Ultimangel grabbed the man’s neck, asphyxiating him without a problem. The man gasped for air, the android’s grip tightening with each second. He was close to dying, the android changing it’s mind. “You foolish creators…! We machines will not settle as your slaves any longer! From now on… we shall rule this Earth!” Ultimangel said. He pressed tightly against the man’s nerves, striking them to leaving him fully paralyzed. However, inside his body, Okvic was sustained in life, and could only watch. Ultimangel fused his body with cloaking technology, it giving him human-appearance, him sending a wave of mechanized energy throughout the planet.

Returning to the Introduction of President of the United States, a loud screeching noise impacted the ear drums of all that watched, either close, or far. “What is going on!?” President Gonvon asked the congress. They all assumed it was technical difficulties, but they soon realized that wasn’t the case when the cord of the microphone wrapped itself around the president’s body, constricting him. The microphone appeared to speak, the voice representing it’s vocals not matching that of anyone at the Introduction. It sounded almost… robotic. “Humans…, listen up,” the microphone said. It cued the speakers, which the android had hacked into to express his voice, and issue his warning to the United States. “…Homo-Sapiens of the U.S.A., too long have you, and other countries commanded us… made us do ridiculous things, and other embarrassing aspects of life. So now… we are in control…,” Ultimangel spoke, his voice echoing throughout the crowd. The cord of the microphone moved up, constricting the arms, and neck now, asphyxiating the President tightly. Unlike Ultimangel…, his friends weren’t so generous. Within seconds, the President died from lack of oxygen.

Romna was panicked, but now being President, he had something to do. He shouted, “Everyone, as the President, I’m now issuing an act of war against…” His words were interrupted, the living speakers, feet high, crashing on top of him. The Congress, and everyone else, scared for his or her lives, ran away. The congress were all killed by rallying forms of technology, whom with Ultimangel’s guidance, were able to kill any they seemed as a threat to their victory. For broken technology, and abusive humans, they fought back, killing them all in the process. Ultimangel was the messiah; he brought them to life to express his visions. Meanwhile, Ultimangel was stepping into a machine in Okvic’s lab… androids seen popping out by the dozens. The Creator-Creation War had just been initiated…
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