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MY rage part 2 Empty MY rage part 2

Post by Guest on Tue Jul 20, 2010 2:21 pm

This is my Rage Part 2... I will vent for two days, off and on, so if it don't make any sense... Fuck you. I swear, Souldja Boy needs to be shot. That song "Pretty Boy Swag" Is about the stupist shit I've ever heard "Girls hear my name, Wi- wit- wit my pweety boi swaq" <-- Typo to match how they talk. That makes no god damn sense. I'll show them their pretty boy swag, followed by my foot up their ass. They can't talk worth a shit. I remember Pre-K. The spanish girls who couldn't speak english spoke with more sense then them. It's 10: 36. Yes, I just left Wet n' Wild, as stated I was going in Rage number one. They rented the part for 3,000$ Dollars. That was fucking EPIC. Tons of smoking hot girls being dropped off in hummer limmoz. I swear. In line me and Keyan got kicked out, but I got to talk to them Surprised Didn't speak english soo... They used their hands. But I wanted to use mine in a different way *Shifty eyes* Don't judge. I got my priorities straight, know what they say, 'It's Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve', And I follow those words as if they were written in the bible... Then again they probably are... It's my version. Also says once a week you must get a referal :D Eminem is on... I finally understand what he's saying. Back then it was just a good beat, didn't know what the fuck he was saying, but it was good xD Except in his Slim Shady personality... That was beast.

Now to complain, cause I want to make this rage important. I hate people who lead people on. Like when you watch a movie, and they start to do something, then stop, and you get your hopes up for nothing (And Timothy I am not talking about that Yaoi you watch...) Like how the next Twilight, Breaking Dawn will be. (Still not gay porn Timothy, calm down...) I want to see Edward get his fucking vampire ass killed, and Kristen Stewart too! She is the ugliest, sluttiest, flattest, worst actor I've ever seen. She is such a fake, shes like one of those lesbian butchers you see. They have 'fakes' all over. Fucking bull shit. Jacob is epic, he's a werewolf. But Twilight ruined my view on Vampires and Werewolves... I hate commercials. No, I hate you o.o whoever is reading this, if your a male, I hate you. If your a female... I might hate you. (So yea, :D Keyan, I don't hate you) Lawl this is the most fucked up one yet. Since I ain't pissed... Wait, isn't ain't a word now? For like half my life they said "Ain't, Ain't a word" Then right when I quit all the teachers started. And they wonder why I ended up being a class clown, if I'm serious I get in trouble!... Lawl. Keyan and some kid named Cody we met got me to get out of the tube, going down the slide, grab the handle and slide after the tube :D That was fun. Until we got near the end, apparently those dumb fucks made it less then a foot deep of water, and I skinned it... Fucking ass holes.

Now for the confessions. O.o Himoto-chan, on that one site, me as Kamashi had a real big thing for you, Keyan I hate your mom's guts, Kisigachi o.o Idk, but I am your father, Isshi xD I won't even go there, Kai... I'm sorry Timothy sucked your bro's cock. Eman, sorry Taimoshi sucked your son's cock, Aloide xD I was jealous of you at one point, I thought you were fucking every girl on Sannin, and so I decided to hate you, cause Derek said you had sex with my wife (Hikari Hyuuga) soo... Sorry. lawl Timothy, I'm going to take your soap away in jail, and then walk away, you'll have to bend over to find it, and it won't be there. And anyone else that I didn't mention, just assume it was too bad to post. Know what I miss.. The good ol' days. On sannin, where I'd get yelled at, Kisigachi would beg Isshi for something he didn't get, and Isshi telling us about the pop sicles she was sucking on, and everyone getting worked up. When Eman was pissing off Tsunade all the time lawl. (You all shall be brought into this) Then I told everyone I wasn't Drez, that I was 8, that Drez never had cancer, that he quit, and I just took the name. Well, now that we've all accepted it (Well some...) It's over, and life went to shit.

I hate posers... And not to be racist, but I mean when I see the whitest of guys with their pants down, holding their crotch and trying to be gangster. I swear to god, they don't even know how to pull it off like Eminem. Some can get away with it, but alot just... Gawd it's like making Lady Gaga look good, just ain't fucking right. You just can't fix stupid. Or double-dick trannies (Timothy). Abdoulaye is stupid... Fucking retarded ass hoe. I love rage, cause whenever I rant in the chat you guys clear it lawl. And here I can cuss, and it won't leave. Woot. I feel like a asian who just got an extension. I ran out of rants... God damnit. Now I have to write about having more writers block then a lesbian has damn cock block... I hate it. I want to write, and we all know I love to type long, drawn out --- Wtf is on the radio. I swear it sounds like someones stranglin' Beiber's balls... People like this? Beiber is a puss. Sounds like my 7 year old sister for gods sake... I'd rather listen to Jonas Brothers then him... Actually... I don't know. Thats horrible, them both. It's either one fag, or three homos. I need a fire. I will burn them. I will burn them until the oil comes out from their skin, then I will use the oil to cook the food I'll give to Keyan, and turn him Homo. Then burn him, and make him like Abdoulaye, burnt and queer. Wait, no... No more insulting Keyan and Timothy... Who else. Hmm... I am such a cracker o.o I swear, sometimes I just don't know what to do with myself. I'm a dumb ass... I remember one time I asked some red hed if the crabs are red this year. o.o Thankfully she didn't get it... Woot, the song "Sex and Candy" by Marcy Playground is on. Ranting about how stupid I am doesn't work.

I need to piss. Yes, you all shall read my rant about needing to piss Muaahahahahahahaha *Cough cough* Ha! Actually no... *Slowly roast the JB* I shoved the pole up their ass, so it's not totally inhumain. They didn't complain. Having long hard poles shoved in their ass and mouth is their thing... Just like... My ex, and *Cough*Obama*cough*. And Tsunade (From Sannin). She sucked and fucked anything that moved... NEXT RANT!

I hate sluttish people. Jumping from one person to the next is fucking stupid. Fucking whore ass... Hoes. Yes that was redundant, then again so is your 'edge' (For all the white people reading this *cough* Keyan*cough* An edge is your hair line). I also hate people who try to make you jealous. For gods sake, like I give a fuck, my ex did that to me. I left her real quick. Trying to flirt with guys to make me jealous, if she wants to play games, so do I. It involves a knife, and finding the heart. But I have a cheat to that game, First you 'cut' through the throat, pass through the back of the neck, withdraw the blade, and then you cut open the heart. (Lawl I had to make something mean to be funny... But I'd never hit a girl, except you, Obama. I'm smack you silly, hoe.) o.o Is this stupid? Yea... I know, but I am bored as fuck, so if you take the time to read this I want to tell you something...

Me and Tim, are now assasians for hire. It's "Kabosu and Jigoboro's Torture Squad" and were not like Zabuza and the little tranny Haku... America is fucked up. They changed Haku to a guy because they said it's illegal to support a little girl and a guy together. WTF. It's a fucking ANIME. This isn't something like pedophilia... Just because a old, eye-browless man walks around with his 'weapon' out, and hard 24/7 with a wierd looking girl, does not make it wrong. If I walk outside holding onto my weapon next to your mom, you won't stop me. Because you know I'm about to behead her. And yes I made it sound perverted for a reason, because you like it like that, you like it like I like making long post, OMG fuck... The song "Need you now" is on. I fucking want to rip her fucking dumb ass throat out. Fucking Sunuva bitch, mother fucker!! There, changed it. Got some old song on, the one where they go "I... Loooooovvvveee... Youuu... It seems people would have enough of silly love song, everywhere around me, do I see it in the song? Oh no. Some people want to fill the world with silly love songs....... Whats wrong with that.... I need to know..... Cause... Here I go.l... AGAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNN". Yea. This is a fucking great Rage. That song where he goes "Shes soo High *Femine voice* High above me, shes so lovely" is funny cause... I know why shes soo lovely. Cause being up high, he can see something he likes... Oh yea, you know it's true. Know what... Fat girls are like scooters, they're fun, until your friends see you ridin' it. XDDDDDD Jk. I'd never fuck a girl thats fat, or one with bigs tits... I like smaller boobs... (This is funny). Kisigachi, remember on Sannin whenever I'd post pictures of Selina Gomez, and you and Derek would make fun of me? Even though I know Derek was probably squeezing it while he typed... He seemed to have ALOT of typos when I posted girls... And I know why too. Lol. I heard we have three new users, Tsunade, Orochimaru, and Jiraiya. Well this next topic is for you.

Welcome to the site o.o I am the sites retard, the special child. Now don't take this to heart, but I want to fight you all. So when you can, message me. I will tell you where we shall fight, I will bring my Jigoboro. Btw... Oro, there are no little boys, so don't get your white snake all worked up (Guys, I'm just joking. o.o don't take this seriously.) *Text Timothy* o.o Yo Tim you have a text, you stupid fucking.... *Stops* Hey look, They made a new prostitute *Orders it for Kisigachi* Now you can show them why everyone remembered you 'white fang'. Just don't break it like Kakashi. I don't know how you break it, have to be some kinky shit, like that fire and ice shit. My friend said he used one, and within seconds he was running with his gf to shower from the burn. Lawl.

This site will be cool, s'long as we keep the users comin. For every user you bring in, I'll make you two custom jutsu, just for you. And all of you who know me, know I will. And alts don't count, I can IP check. o.o So yea. Get them here, and I'll make sure you make off good. And don't worry, when we get activity we can start having Exams and stuff. (Is this a rant or a journal to the world? I really don't know myself...) So far it's 10.9 Kb... Last post of Rant was 14.8 Kb. Omg... Lol. Eh.. Fuck, I hate depressing music. Makes you want to be depressed, but you refuse to be cause your too fucking happy o.o Well not like a homo-sexual, high heeled, strap on butterfly happy, no... Just a happy that you accept the truth with. Like when I was happy, and saw a magazine in the store, and was like "Wait... What?!" I walked over to read it... It said "Having Sex during your period is soo worth it" Well... I was scarred, but I was the happy that made me have the courage to walk to the employee there and say "What the fuck is this?" Just to make a scene. Then I lost the happy when they said "Well, it's a girls magazine" And it's like "Fuck you. I want to know why the fuck this shit is out here, I am fucking scarred. And if some girl decided to bleed on me during it because of this magazine, I am sueing. Fucking bull shit Magazine.

Now to complain like a emo-pussy (again)... I use to like love. But love is a pain, like when you care about somebody, to the point that the thought of them cheating makes your heart sting. And it ruins alot of fun times, because theirs always that thought, somewhere in your mind. And then when you catch them, and the pain rips out your heart, and your forced to go break all of their friends hearts... Yea... Then I realized how much getting attached sucked balls. Now Himoto-chan knows I act differently, in Pm's I flirt with her. Even though she doesn't flirt back, then again I really don't expect her to, it's just playing around. So eh, she may not message back, but I don't care xD Cause I got better things to do then get attached to one girl. Thats just begging to get hurt. And now I feel like an ass hole for that. But atleast I'm not the wild Tyler I use to be. o.o Man whore days ended a while back. I may regret alot of those (Akane, Amanda, Sam... Sakura, Konan (On Sannin), Tsunade, Shizune, Temari, Hikari, Hanami.... *Tries to remember* Umm, Megaminji *shivers*, Mitsuki, I did get a piece of Ayameko at one point, umm.. Tenshi... Once (The girl, not Keyan here), Katie, The Tsuchikage that was there before me... Dragonia... I forgot like more then half of them... Lol okay guys, this is about to get personal. Well irl I do like this girl irl, and yea... I am more attached then I'd like to be, but... Well I really don't know how it happened, but I can't get out of it lol... I have no control, I always give in and text her, or call. Well we were just texting about feelings, and she asked if I was jealous (Which is why I mentioned it up there lol) And I said "No, not really. Not the jealous type. Maybe if I had a reason" and then a few messages later I said (Trying to get her to say what I wanted) "I know you like tons of guys, and I know you don't like me soo...." (I really don't care if she does or not xD But I know she does like me, I just need sympathy to get my anwser) So heres what she sent... Randomly. Totally not what I wanted.

"Ok. Well. Im 13, im young, im cute, and im not dumb. Im not gonna tell u who i like no matter who u r. But just remember when it cums 2 u i didnt say i dont like u but on the other hand i didnt say i liked u either. So there is a possibility"

Thats ecactly how she said it... Lol she said "Cums" XDDDDDD Wow... Out of all of that, the one thing I get from the message is cum... I totally ignored the rest. Even though I have the damn message where she said she likes me earlier today... So that last part is... Well... I won't say anything. o.o Eh... Too much personal shit posted right now. Your all probably like "Lol, Tyler's starting to open up, just like Obama's ass. It's exactly 14.0 Kb so far. See 14.0 KB (14,378 bytes)... On this one Usb I hate 5.31 (5,570,560 bytes) used. I am soo proud... This is my special rant. And all of you who think this is pointless... Me and Kisigachi are the only ones who are using this rant to the full extent. Obama can kiss my ass. Idk if by now, when I post this message, when your reading this, if Timothy posted his rage yet... But I'll comment on his, as I am betting he did on my last one. But this one will be a helluva long rage. 12 Paragraphs soo far.

I like... I don't know. I want to kill someone. It's 11: 54... One hour and 22 minutes has passed. If I wasn't working on my character, I'd have alot more. Well for this piece, I'm signing out. And while reading this, it will restart right after this, soo thats the next day, don't have any dirty thoughts about how my night went o.o Cause your mom was with me... Lol joke, well after this next period, it's me leaving. Keyan is reading Taimoshi's Rage pt. 1 (I couldn't sleep... Tim was texting me... He woke me up...) XD

Know what, Guys, this is really personal right here, and Keyan, lol... The world will now know that you did not want me to talk to Hinari/ Himoto-chan in pm's (I think I spelled Hinari wrong...) because you said if I mess up, and she leaves the site, we loose 3 members. And you'd be pissed. Well. =/ I didn't like that rule to be honest, and I argued unt-- OMG CAN'T TOUCH THIS IS ON!!!! -- il he gave in... Cause meh... Idk. I atleast want to be friends... Wait... This ain't Can't touch this... This is "Super Freak". Just like me ;) jk... I'm a guy o.o I swear to god, Ask anyone... Any girl* xD SHES A SUPER FREAK, SUPER FREAK, OROCHIMARU'S A SUPA-FREAK! jk... Lawl I love insulting the Orochimaru from Sannin. So if the Orochimaru from here is reading this, I don't mean you. There was this fag named Charles on the Sannin, he was a homo-sexual snake licker. And I don't mean snake summons. He's like walking into Mexico, and finding a Taco Stand, cept he doesn't like taco's like us. Or maybe just me... I just hate when they put those diced tomatoes on there >.< I like potatoes from Jason's Deli. Those bitches are like 7 inches (About as big as me ;) xD nvm that comment everyone) and are stuffed with pork o.o I feel like a Red neck now, but fuck you all. Yesterday my Step Dad's, Step mom's, mom taught me to fire a gun. I've done it before but... Damn... 87 year old women who has perfect aim. She owns 200 acres... I got to chase cows :D And then they chased me... Atleast the bulls did. Last thing I remember is hollering for help XD I know what your thinking, but I was fucking scared. I run after them into the forest, then I look around, and it wasn't just cows anymore. And I was like "Oh shit... This was stupid" then later I shot a gator's finger off with a 44 magnum. Too bad I missed, I wanted to shoot the head. But Roi killed him for us, and we cooked it. o.o I love the red neck land. That made me feel epic. I shot a finger off. God that was a feeling, then I had a funny/ wierd thought that if I wanted, in a split second, I could remove my life, with the gun in my mouth, no one would see it coming, and they'd all go into shock, and I'd be dead. And then my head hurt, and I wanted to know where the fuck that though came from. Cause I'm not suicidal, just wanted to know if the bullet would hurt... xD I like life too much to die. Plus... I still haven't saw a girl good enough to make me want to commit suicide, if you know what I mean. Cause some girls are good looking, but once your married, you loose your life. It's suicide... Marriage is suicide... Men never let your wives get you nudered. If you do, I don't know you, and I'd best assume you be dead. Homo... No man should have to loose his balls...

I wonder if Darth Vader ever got jiggy with it. Ya know what I mean? Cause that old guy was always smiling when Darth Vadar pulled out his light sabre. Yea. I think something was going on. And thats all I remember from Star Wars xD Is the Pedo-fedo. He's like Madara at the end of Chapter 500/ 501 (I forgot which one, but Wow if that didn't sound nerdy) when he was holding naruto with his hand over Naruto's head like he was about to rape him. Tbh when I first saw it, I didn't see the Kunai (in the following issue) and I thought he flicked Naruto's dumb ass. Hell, I'd flick him, kick him, kill him. The bop it machine is pervy. So is that new shake weight. You know the makers were pervy. The commercial is a bunch of women shaking a rod and making their body jiggle. That is definatly made to be pervy. Cause they know guys will be like "Omg, my wife needs one, she never was good as hand jobs"... *Fwaps self* This ain't no rage, just me telling you all abunch of stupid ass shit. But I know your not complaining, your laughing. You know it's funny, your laughing right now. Your lungs are hurting. It feels like I shoved a pop sicle in there (Though some of us know how that feels... *cough*) yea, sorry Isshi. I just have to mention people I know won't mind it. Keyan will laugh, so I'm in the clear with him, Timothy will bitch in text, but it's cool, Kisi will just hold his words back until I'm not in the chat, and you will... Well I'm not insulting you, you just use the pop sicle to it's full extent, and we respect you for that. XD but people like Eman and Aloide, i'm not on good terms with, so I won't bring them up. And then the three new users, I have no clue who they are, and Himoto-chan... Idk. I really don't know where I lie in that area. It's now 19.4 KB (19,942 bytes).
lawl this is scrolling so it's hard to copy, and if you cade... lawl even more. Though you smart ones will just quote this, and then read it with the code added. So yea... You un-intelligable ones will just try to copy and past it, even though it's moving so you can't. I'm making it long so that you can't read it all. Hehe. Well. This is me telling you how I feel. I want to slap something. Maybe Ino's ass, but it's plastic, so i'd have to peel it off. Ino is a whore. And I hope you all know, this is me joking around, knowing your all laughing about this. Nothing I say here should be held against me... Unless it's your body ;) And I did just say "Your body" so that fits. Did you know I use to like Scooby Doo? I don't know why... Lion King is racist. It ain't right. Why is the dark lion the evil one? Yet the lightest one there is is the good one. XD Ever catch that?!
20.4 KB (20,903 bytes)

I will hit 40 by time I post this. And Kajugun's profile was 99.7 KB (102,160 bytes), Hanzo's post is 25.0 KB (25,616 bytes). And I shall beet Kajugun's profile, if I try. But if not, it will atleast be 40. And you all will wonder what I raged about. Well, I want you to know, I raged about what I should. And you all may not see another angry part yet, like my first Rage. But by time this is over, I will get pissed about something. Right now I got music, so I am just fucking happy. I want to hug a spiked poison, nucleor bomb. Thats how happy I am. GOT A FUCKING PROBLEM WITH THAT?! If you do I'll give you a fucking spoon and you can eat my god damn ass. Yea thats right, Drez is back baby, grab a waffle, tip the wall, and god damnit suck Timothy's balls. After he basted Obito's turkey and drunk the Cajuun sauce, I think he deserves to have something good. But the females go to the right, to the straight side. Men go to the left, cause that just aint right. *snaps fingers* I gotta move twice, before I give my heart away... *dances* Wooh! Idk... 17 Paragraphs... I went up 1.1 kb. If you can't do that math, well, I don't care. Lol and when I get into the next paragraph I'll tell you something, but the smart ones will already of done it. But you have to have faith. This will be a long Rage... None of you shall beat my rage Muahaha... Cause I like to rage, I like to rant, just like your wife loves to pant... I remember when Deidara had sex with my rp sister... I said stupid shit like "You rode the railroad down south with my sister! You did the walk, and talked the talk! You churned the butter without taking the lid off!! You popped a top with my sister!" But the only one I remember is the first one, the other 3 I made up. But I remember making about 2 hours of jokes just like that about him fucking my sister... That ass wipe... I don't even remember who she was. But me and Aloide got her too soo... Really can't complain. But I was proud of Dei... He got some ass (By Dei I mean Abdoulaye). But as I said my man whore days are over (This last comment was for Himo-chan-san-dan). Yea earlier I said I don't care if I get to be with her, but I kinda do o.o and this probably is embarressing/ awkward for her, but yes, I do kinda like her. On a scale one to ten on how much I want to date her, it'd be a 7.5 So yea. Pretty high in my standards. More then most girls. Thats 2 points higher then Isshi. xD No offense Iss-iss. And then thats 1, 000 ,000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000 ,000, 000, 000 , 000 ,000 ,000 ,000 ,000 000 ,000 ,000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000 ,000 ,000 ,000 000 ,000 ,000,000 ,000,000 ,000 ,000,000,000,000,000,000 ,000 ,000 ,000 ,000 ,000 ,000 ,000 ,000 ,000, 000 ,000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000 ,000, 000, 000 , 000 ,000 ,000 ,000 ,000 000 ,000 ,000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000 ,000 ,000 ,000 000 ,000 ,000,000 ,000,000 ,000 ,000,000,000,000,000,000 ,000 ,000 ,000 ,000 ,000 ,000 ,000 ,000 ,000, 000 ,000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000 ,000, 000, 000 , 000 ,000 ,000 ,000 ,000 000 ,000 ,000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000 ,000 ,000 ,000 000 ,000 ,000,000 ,000,000 ,000 ,000,000,000,000,000,000 ,000 ,000 ,000 ,000 ,000 ,000 ,000 ,000 ,000, 002.5 more then Lady Gaga will ever get. That song "Don't go breaking my heart” Is on. I like movies where the old people are sadistic. XD Like that old lady in Legion who starts crawling on the god damn ceiling. Shit that was epic. I woulda went “Damn... Eman get off the ceilin” jk xD Eman I am only playing around, you know that right? I know were not on good terms so I had to make sure. Well now for the next paragraph. Then I will tell you something.

Well I guess I kept you waiting long enough. After I spam with periods........................................................................................................................................................................................... I shall reveal how to read the coded scroll font if you didn’t already figure it out. Well, just hit “Quote” and read it there. But don’t quote this. The forum would rip from all the text here. XD I’m glad I am not typing this from a phone like Kabuto is. But I have to admit, I kinda do feel bad for denying all his shit, I mean we all know he should have it, but it’s not proven, so I just couldn’t allow it. But I know you all are happy I did so, eh, who cares.

Timothy doesn't know what bytes are... So I had to do the math for letters, using word pad it doesn't say how many words there are. So I did a test. I made a Word pad file and typed the letter one, It came up 558 bytes. Then I typed a second number, it was 159.1 bytes. Then a third, and it was 160.2 bytes. So I went to delete everything, the file is 156.9 bytes. So I figured each letter is 1.1 bytes, not including the spaces (which are not equated into the system, they have no bytes.) And I did the work... So 25, 509 divided by 1.1 is 23, 190 exact. Which means I have 23, 190 words in all. then the total words I had was harder, I went to say I have 6 letters per word, because alot aren't 6. but I used alot of punctuation, and 000's up there, which the 2 extra would cover, so 3, 865 words I have. and am I write? Most likely not. But hell, I am bored, it's 1 a.m and I had nothing else to do. So this was my math o.o and if I am right... Well... Holy Shit, the worlds ending. 25.8 KB (26,500 bytes) is what I have now. so I think that 1.1 may not be right, unless there really is over 200 words in the last paragraph. Since I did the math a few minutes ago... Actually, yea it should be fairly accurate. If you want to check my work, and read all of the words I typed, to contradict me, go ahead. I ain't going to review it, because I don't care. Well am checking off. And then I'll rant some more when I wake up. Well It;s been 23 hours... Since I last raged. So now time to go to part 3... Lawl :D

Part 3 of my MOTHER FUCKING RAGE BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
God damnit you stupid flying fuck! Why are you reading this bull shit?! Are you a fucking dumb ass?! Do I need to take your dick and chop it off?! Huh?! Yes... Yes I do. Well Timothy says he posted a rage about me. Well heres my MOTHER FUCKING RAGE about him. :D Sometimes Tim can be the stupidest fuck in the world. Ya know, one time on Sannin he got angry because he though I was boning his ex-gf Hanami in pm's... Well I hadn't gotten that far yet. I told him I wasn't, and I really wasn't. But I was going to, he was a cock block and made me feel bad. So after me and Hanami got to second base and then alittle past that, I stopped. Fucking emotions. Steven Hawking/ Timothy is an ass hole. I had to make a character for his Jigabu-Jigaboro character. First it was Keyan's fault, now it's his. I won't say I didn't want to make another character, because I did, but I hate making lots of characters. So here is my rage. Now me and him are pulling a hetero-sexual-Haku-and-Zabuza bull. With a wicked twist of Orochimaru and Kabuto. He is my 'partner' (No homo) and also my support. I am the leader, and I go in, killing the opponent (sometimes I share... Sometimes...) And he is my medic/ Long range partner. If I get injured, he pulls a Kabuto and heals me. If I get caught in a heavy fight, he pulls a Haku and leaps in like a flying white man after seeings lord of the rings. Surprised and then, I am the swordsman/weapon master/ puppet user. I prefer using my Sword though. So usually it's a Haku and Zabuza thing. But if battle gets heavy, I will use my weapons. And as a last resort, I have a puppet. Weak, but still a puppet. And while I puppet, he will either heal, or attack. Pretty epic huh? He is a Suiton and Raiton (I came up with the combo). So he can use Suiton as protection, and Raiton as Offensive. Then if needed, he can mix two attacks, and create an ultimate attack with raiton being conducted through the water to wtf pwn you. :D Then I fly up like a retarded halo player with a spartan sword and go "Hey guys :D" Then cut you up.

Now Then, I will not be like Orochimaru and be watched taking a shower while my almost-homo-sexual-partner talks to me. He will be ten miles away. Unless I get drunk and I go streaking through your village. Then you can all smile. Cause you know you like it. But look out, cause Jigoboro has a twin headed serphent. And it 'spits' water. Now if you have read this far... You have no fucking life. Your reading my endless rant on bull shit. ._. Congrats. Now why don't you go rub one off with peanut butter like Timothy does? He pops his cock, lops the top, then whips and spits. Ya know what... I got a hair cut today guys... I wanted a haircut like the Fourth Mizukage, Yagura (Yes... I actually did) and I described it. They said "Oh, a 5 on the top, 3 on the mid sides, and 2 on the lower part? Your keeping your bangs on the right, right?" And I said yes.... Now that bitch gave me a 4 on top, and then a three all the way down the rest D.: And trimmed my god damn bangs... Stupid whore. I gave her a 2.50 tip. She didn't deserve 3 dollars. Then I used the other 50 to get a mountain dew from the soda machine XD She looked like Tim's mom with all the cottage cheese bubblin out those jeans. Gahh! If I'd worn my contacts I would of seen that bitch fucking up!! Least it's even though. o.o But next time, I am going to slap a Timothy if she fucks up. *smacks timothy* WHERE IS MY GOD DAMN WAFFLE?! AND NO! NOT YOUR FUCKING BLUE WAFFLE!!! *Takes his wig off* I heard he has a queer Avy. According to Pain... / Keyan/ Highlights/ no edge/ never got layed/ Sanshu. :D MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA I bet no one will read this much into my god damn post to see this. So hahaha! You can kiss my ass world! I like Himari-chan :P And no one will read this to see *dances* Muahahaha

Ya know... I want to say... Tomorrows the concert. This will be posted. There will be a contest. On rages. Whoever post the best rage, gets to be a winner. While Timothy gets to lick Obito's dick :D Muahaha he likes that. Don't you Jigabu-Jigoboro? "Yes Mr. Straight man!" Are you gay "Yes Mr. mean man!" Have you ever sucked a man's turkey baster "Of course Mr. Male man!" Was it Obito's...? "No... It was Obito and Hayataro, and Tsunade, and Sakura's" Oh really now? "Yes. They were yummy" Great... Wanna burn in hell? Cause thats where gay people go... To hell. Being gay is a sin, and if the devil is every living sin, he is a homo-sexual... Which is creepy cause like... That devil has thousands of people there. And he has anal wtf parties every day. Wouldn't fire hurt though? 30.9 KB (31,726 bytes)


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