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Tim's Rage of Biast People (Do Not TAKE SERIOUSLY)

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Tim's Rage of Biast People (Do Not TAKE SERIOUSLY)

Post by Deidara on Mon Jul 19, 2010 12:09 am

Since everybody else is ranting -cough- Tyler -cough- I thought I'd give a rage. Like Tyler, mine will be personal all throughout.

Only a certain few, including Tyler ("I hope"), would know that I'm Physically handicapped. I get many a time people that piss me off, and things that piss me right the hell off.

Imagine if you were in my position, the constant feel of people fucking with your emotions because your "different." And then, take a look at films, and shows making a joke about people like me. Hell, they had a comedy about a normal teen pretending to be a mentally retarded kid in order to win the gold in the Handicapped Olympics, and South Park even copied that with Cartman doing it to win $1,000. Not to mention, even on South Park, they make jokes about handicapped kids, like "Timmy" whom only screams his name.

And then there's friends. I bet none of you thought of me as handicapped in the beginning, did you? Are you gonna fucking think of me any different now? If so, that shows what fucking kind of friend you are. When kids talk to me in school, half of the fucking school only talks to me cause I'm handicapped. How would any of you feel being me in that situation? Huh? I'd want you all to look me in the fucking eyes, and tell me you wouldn't feel miserable. Yeah, I got good friends along the way, one's who tell me what people really think of me. I'm grateful for it.

Next, it's basically onwards with love and emotions. Just think about how someone like me would feel, nobody ever wanting to get into a REAL relationship all because of a disability, or handicap that they have? Wouldn't you feel fucking ridiculous for going after someone different, normal, only to have them reject you cause of what you are? Wouldn't you? Now, some people tell me to still try, but why the fuck try? Fucking bitch won't accept my kind, so why should I fall after her? I'm not gonna' be another prey to cupid's curse on my kind.

(Pt. 1)

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Re: Tim's Rage of Biast People (Do Not TAKE SERIOUSLY)

Post by Deidara on Mon Jul 19, 2010 4:28 pm

Oh, ho... now to get away from Tyler's previous sexual partners, I'd like to get a little vengence on his rage on me. True, I did ask him to do it, I believe some rebuttle is in order, Ty.

Yeah, you fucking call me gay for describing Obito's cock, Tyler. But, remember back on Sannin you little fucking tranny. RPing as a girl just to get in bed with a lesbian on the site. Don't fucking call me gay, cause it's not like I did freely. Fucking Ravefire forced me to otherwise I'd be dead again. To further prove you're a tranny, let's not forget little Tyler was sitting in a little dollhouse. Probably the same kind of dollhouse you played with as a fucking child, right Keyan? I'd say that's most likely the kind of toy's Tyler played with. And seeing how he wanted to fuck most of the girl's on Sannin, he probably still has dolls that rips clothes off of for his own sick pleasure. No use hiding any secrets, Tyler.

Yeah, Tyler.. I know displaying great friggin RP skills is good, but you brought it up on your own fucking character. If you could type just a little less, maybe your ass wouldn't be getting bitched at by Keyan. Yeah, so don't fucking blame him, it was your own fucking fault for overposting with too much for a normal person to even read... including me.

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Re: Tim's Rage of Biast People (Do Not TAKE SERIOUSLY)

Post by Deidara on Mon Jul 19, 2010 11:57 pm

Next on my agenda... oh yes. The people I've grown to hate.

As Tyler previously discussed, that grown-man from Sannin known as Pein "Nagato" Fuuma, a 39-year old, Roleplaying with 8 - possibly 20 year olds, acted like a total dick. The fucking Pein goes all angry, and shit just cause me -cough- and tyler -cough- got close to his daughter, Hanami. Which might I add, the friggin hypocrite even had relations with. He even held his grudge over me, trying to have me killed as an alt character Kilyal Mato. Little pussy.

Gale Uchiha, or Gale Mato, again on Sannin, the friggin sell out. He quits the friggin Uchiha to join forces with the damn pussy who tried having me killed. He sucked at RPing... seriously he did. The damn sellout kept me too confused to even take him down. It really sucked, and was a bore to live with.

But, Tyler is really making me want to diss him some more. (Remember, like you said yourself, don't take it literally) >:DDD Tyler doesn't know how to keep his fucking mouth shut. When his ex-girlfriend, name beginning with "Ka," had her first period, he decides to fucking tell me. And he never fucking shuts up. He keeps fucking talking bout bullshit. How he fucking hates Obama, believes very old music is cool, and this racism is a part of America. So fucking irritating.

Not to mention, his constant bitching about his problems can sometimes get annoying. Oh, how Keyan bothers him, or some other fucking annoying thing. Whatever it is, he cannot stop fucking complaining about it to me. Even today, he was bitching about it. Hell, like I said, he doesn't fucking know when he should keep his mouth shut.

Now, I've been dying to rage Keyan, so listen up. We all know why he fucking uses Animal Summoning characters? Bit of a friggin bestiality fan, much? Hell, every fight I saw, or did with him, he used an animal summoning. Especially a fucking chameleon, which, we know why he likes to go in it's mouth. Niice way to get free blow-jobs since you won't get fucking laid, Keyan. ;)

You remember the time you and Tyler fucking tried to find a UFO, and or extraterrestrials. Yeah, well we all know the reason for that, don't we Keyan? You like the idea of being probed in the asshole, don't ya Keyan? So I hope Tyler fucking pleases you every once and a while.

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Re: Tim's Rage of Biast People (Do Not TAKE SERIOUSLY)

Post by Sponsored content

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