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Tyler's Rant Empty Tyler's Rant

Post by Guest on Sun Jul 18, 2010 4:38 pm

Mother fucking America... Run by a fucking retarded ass muslim, who fucks are country up the ass almost every day. Know what I am fucking sick of? People who come to this fucking country, as low life bitches, get welfare for free, and live better then us! I'm not racist, and I don't hate people who are minorities... What I hate is stupid ass wiping dick weeds, who ride the governments cock just to get welfare. Never worked a day in their life, never will. Our fucking country is bull shit. I'd rather burn the American flag then serve under it. Fucking Obama... He is the dumbest shit I have ever fucking saw. He probably takes his husband (Michelle)'s dick up his tranvestial ass every day. You can call me racist all you want, just because I wanted McCain in, doesn't make me racist, but it does make me intellegent. Look how bad Obama fucked us up. You think he deserves to be in office? We hate on Busch... He took us to war, he did things right... If it wasn't for congress, there'd be no war! If it was up to Busch, we'd of bombed all those muslim asses. I don't care if they were under control of a dictator. They killed millions of our fucking people, did they loose anything? No, did they care? Maybe, do I care? Fuck them. They can all burn. Our own country frowns on us killing them. Oh boo-fucking-hoo. How about I kill your family, take away everything you have, and then ask you if you want to kill me, if you'd hit me. And if you wouldn't... Your a sick sunuva a bitch, and your the type of bull our country lives on. Your probably the one who rides the governments cock, while others work, because you know in a week you'll have money again. The government will give you a house, and you'll be fucking fine.

I say we end this fucking hell hole, lets bomb those other countries. Sure the Soviets have better bombs, sure the Asian's got more small-dicked soldiers who will walk into death. But atleast we can do something right! Do you think Adolf Hitler is evil? Sure, lets look on everything bad he did... He killed jews... Yea, sure that was evil... Oh yea, lets all point the finger, lets all cry 'demon'. But what do we do? The Americans killed British... It was their country... The American's killed Indians... It was their country... The Americans killed Mexicans... Texas and all was THEIR country... And now we kill each other... It was our country. Hitler took over countries, he killed jews... We took over areas, we killed anything. Sure he was racist against Jews, sure he tortured them, but look where we came from. We were racist against Indians, and other races. We beat black people, is thar fair? No. They had families too, they had lives, they deserved happiness, but it's all justified by our fucked up perspectives... But we look at other countries. And we call them evil. This world is shit... Shit, I don't even remember why I was raging... All I know is I fucking hate Obama and his bull shit. He said it was time for 'change'. Yea, my wallets changed all right. Guess he didn't lie. It went from full of money to half full. If he keeps on, all of the good people who work, will have no money. I mean we're spending 100 million dollars, to make 90 million dollars. Our fucking congress approved that shit. Where does that make sense? Where the Fuck did we pick up such stupid ass clowns? Wait... We didn't pick them up, it was those stupid fucks that live on welfare who chose them. They come here, take our land, take our air, take our freedom... And now they're strangling us with their stupid decisions...

I want to shove a bomb up Obama's stupid ass. Fucking idiot... I still have no clue why I am angry... My moms a fucking whore. She can eat shit too. Just like Obama, the English telivision, people who animate (they fucked up alot of good animes), people who made fillers, people who complain when they don't understand whats going on, congress, Obama in five seconds when I cuss about him again... Wait... Let me think of more names... Oh! Lil' Wayne, cause ryhming words together isn't music, it's just pulling a Dr. Suess with your pants around your ankle hoping around, talking about stupid shit... Lady Gaga... (Wait... I like some rap, just not Lil' Wayne... Ludacris ftw :D)... Apopka High School... Ms. Rielly... Peidmont Lakes... That fat white man at Wal Mart who took the last notebook, I really needed more paper to draw... Oh... I hate Drake too, he can't rap worth a shit, his voice makes me want to shoot myself, and yea... Has it been five seconds? Well, I'll come back to names. I hate people who make fun of handicap people, I mean some you can't help but laugh, but it's really not right. Unless some retarded kid runs out screaming and dancing. Then your not laughing at them, your laughing with them. But people who have cancer and shit. It's not right to laugh at them, they didn't deser--- Fuck. What the hell am I talking about. I want to rage, not care about people. Fucking emotions. >.<

That movie "Book of Eli" was about the stupidest shit I'd ever seen. That chick was from the 70's show right? Well... I don't care if Denzel was blind, second she said "It's on the house" I'd pull down my zipper and say "No it's under the basement, baby". Fucking dumb movie makers... Thats like Toy Story 3. I'd rather listen to Lil' Wayne try to make a ryhme then watch that. I don't care what you say, theres only one movie I'd ever watch where someone cares about their toys that much, and I am definatly not talking about something you'd find in the movies (wink wink).

Oh! Now I know why I am pissed! I just walked 2 miles to fucking Hair Cuttery, and it is closed today. And I called my mom to bitch and she told me to get her some coke at publix. That fucking whore! Then when I got home without coke I got bitched at. And Keyan (Pain/Sanshu/all those other chars) You know how fucking far away that is, and you know my dumb ass walked up there with my stupid jacket. Fucking piece of shit jacket. Fucking ungrateful whore. I shoulda bought a coke, drunk it, came back and gave her the empty fucking bottle filled with hairspray, then put a match on it. God damnit. She'd of went "KA-BOOM!" Hahaha. I'd of laughed, then told Brett she killed herself.... Fucking Obama. He can grab a spoon and eat my god damn ass. Wait, no. Not my ass, she doesn't deserve my ass, I'll give her some fat, hairy guys ass who can't wipe. Bet she'd like all that shit in her mouth.... I wonder if Deidara gives himself blow jobs... Anyway... I also hate Uchiha characters who rip off of Sasuke (in rp) having Lightning, and Fire, using snakes, have a Avy of him, and are emo and stupid fucks. I also hate people who start a relationship, and on the first day say "Oh I love you" BULL SHIT!

This next paragraph is about how I hate what I just mentioned. --- Love is something that takes a long time to develope. Yea sure, I was Drez, I said the word alot, I didn't mean it, but guess what... I didn't say it the first day, and I knew I didn't love them. But they said it too. And I will never say "I love you" first. Yea, you may feel something for them, I won't deny that. Who can tell you other wise? But you don't love them. It's just a crush, sure you cry when they leave you, sure you felt hurt, you may of even wanted to die. But it wasn't love. Now some people out there, (The smart ones... Lawl) Will turn around, and find someone else. But if you do cry... Heres my sympathy -Gets out a gun- If you want to cry... Just kill yourself, because I assure you that no one else gives a shit.

Which takes me to my next rant... I hate Emo people. I hate them on sites. The last site I was on, there was this stupid emo kid. And Kaito luckily agreed with me (Eman, Kai, I think I spelled his name right, but you both know him... That smart old man xD). We were talking, and he comes in complaining. God forbid we just ignore him... Everyone went to 'help' him. He kept saying "I want to die" And crying. Oh my... Let's all care, cause NOBODY else has problems. And well, I tried to ignore him, but after two hours I lost my temper and told him to chop his nuts off, because I've never heard a man fucking cry so much, and told him if he complained one more time I'd get a gun and shoot him myself. Because if your going to talk about suicide, JUST FUCKING DO IT! GIVE US ALL A FUCKING BREAK FROM YOUR STUPID ASS! YOU DON'T DESERVE AIR.... And guess how that turned out... Was the Admins real life friend... I got banned. Oh... Next rant is coming...

I hate Admins who let their real life Family/ friends get away with stuff (Cough-Tsunade-Cough) And don't say Pain does that for me, because he makes me edit my shit alot, he just doesn't have to post it online, because I have to use the computer at his house... So he just bitches at me in my face -_-; I'd prefer it online. But, Tsunade let her stupid Gay-ass-brother join with God mod shit. Remember Hayataro Senju? (Eman don't get mad, I know he was your wife but...) She/he/ it/ I don't even want to know.../ Gay ass hole was soo God mod it wasn't even funny... He put me and Sasuke inside a play house, and when Sasuke Amaterasu'd it, she absorbed it, and learned Amaterasu. At the end, me as Hanzo stabbed my air tank, summong a lava Salamander, and exploded, but the thing reformed in seconds. (I just realized... Wouldn't that of killed Sasuke?) And then she goes and releases Sasuke and says he's cute... That homo-sexual, racist, ass clown, obama supporting fuck. She/he/ it/ I don't even want to know.../ Gay ass hole should die, and hang from their skin for being soo... Sick, gay, god mod, n00bish, Admin dick riding... I don't even know what else I want to say.

God Damnit, Keyan's coming to take me to wet and wild and my bathing suits at his house. If they bring it, I ain't changing in the Wet in Wild parking lot (even though I bet Timothy/ Tsuna/ Deidara would like that). o.o Wait... Now to talk about Keyan. Keyan D: I had to make a new char because Sanshu's stupid Animal Path Rip off Ass won't post, because you said the post is too long. And I had to make Kajugun, because Pain won't post for Hanzo. And .-. You know I hate making characters like I use to as 8. SO DON'T MAKE ME MAKE ANOTHER ONE X__X I really wanted to use Kizu and Hanzo. And I plan on using Kajugun. But if I can't... I'll bitch at you until you post :D

Now Timothy wanted me to rant about him... And this is rage, so you cannot hold what I say against me... Timothy, remember on Sannin, when you sucked Obito's dick? And then described how it looked... You sick bastard. I know Tsunade's ass made you but... Thats still sick... And remember that time... (Two days ago) when you made that bio... And you had to rape some girl? Well... Thats because no girl wants an Uchiha. Uchihas are too gay. But I hope your having fun in Florida Surprised Just don't come near me, my ass does not want you near it. But... You've done some good. Like when me and you dated Hanami. We helped make that innocent girl kinky ;) That's a helluva good job. I remember the Pain on Sannin... That stupid god modder. He couldn't even use Grammer. Know whats funny... I was 12 years old when I met him, he wasw 39 at the time. A 39 year old man, was soo worried about the words of a 12 year old, he banned him. He's 39, and a 12 year old pissed him off, not even in person, it was a computer. I hated him, but we all know he was bad about bitching until I got banned. That pedo. He had sex with all his kids. Even the men (Except Derek, me and him were totally straight). I remember when I killed Ayameko for being a lesbian. Wanna know the truth? Me and Derek killed her because she wouldn't have sex with us LAWL LAWL LAWL. (No offense Kouseitan'i users). I remember Mitsuki too... That fucking blubber-nugget. Lawl. I remember when she got nude on the webcam, and I walked in... Not expecting anything... She looked decent from neck up, but when the camera went down, so did the chances of me getting an erection for the rest of my life. GAHH the pain I saw. She didn't even shave. I know Sir Mix-alot likes big butts, and trust me, he "does not lie" but... His andaconda don't even want none. so glad I didn't see those saggy tits... (I'm not perverted... Himoto-chan if your reading this, I really ain't Surprised it was years ago.)

This has went from anger to me ranting... I might even talk about when I dated that hoe Kayla. I won't lie, and Keyan, I know your going to laugh at me for this. But remember when we got arrested for having sex and I denied it? Well... I did make out with her lol. Now what the police officer saw, I really don't know. Because when I saw him, He saw me running like a stupid white kid out onto the road. Kayla got us in trouble at books-a-million because she found a Karma Sutra book (or w.e it was) and comes out "Hey Tyler, look at this! This guy has his..." and then everyone looks over and shes showing me some fucked up shit that made even the straighest of men cringe in fear. Blah! So many bad memories with that hoe. She was only good at one thing. And I am soo glad I didn't find out what that one thing was. I really hope all of you who are reading this aren't going to show your parents... Because 1. This is really a fucked up rage, 2. I hope you and your parents both don't rp, only you should, and 3. If you and your parents are reading this, you need to have something checked out.

Lawl. I put this rage topic to good use. This is Paragraph 12 right? Haha... Haha.. Ha? Well I should stop... I'm waiting on Keyan, so I'm bored... Which reminds me to talk about his mom D: It pisses me off, she talks to us like we're fucking RETARDS! We're smarter then her dumb ass. She says "Oh Tyler, I know how Brett feels. My step dad had cancer too... Cancer destroys the molecules in your body" No... No you dumb fuck. And you don't know shit. I barely know shit about it. But if it destroys molecules and atoms them there'd be an explosion, dumb ass. It destroys the fucking cells and organs. Or when she says that the BC crisis is because we've never drilled oil in America before, and that we had too since Busch's war on Iraq for oil failed. We went to FUCKING iraq because they bombed us! We weren't there for oil, those islamic muslim bastards didn't have shit. It was just another fucking failed cold war, and we have Tons of oil pumps in America. I can drive to one right now. She is such a... (Keyan I know you Agree with me XDDD) She makes you want to slap her... Over and over, and over, and over, and over, and over... But you can't... Because shes a girl (Though I can contradict that view... Sometimes I wonder...) I won't keep on about his mom... Lawl. And for Abdoulaye, because his watermelon eating ass needs to be insulted


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Tyler's Rant Empty Re: Tyler's Rant

Post by Deidara on Sun Jul 18, 2010 7:17 pm

Bastard... I don't even recall "describing" it. I only had to... you know. And I wouldn't described it myself, if I remember, she made me do it descriptive. =/

And I don't want yo cock near me, Tyler. But, I will find you, and as Keyan suggested "slit your throat while you sleep" if you annoy me further :D

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