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Tsuna Uchiha versus Tenshi Hoyo

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Re: Tsuna Uchiha versus Tenshi Hoyo

Post by Tenshi Hoyo on Sat Jul 17, 2010 11:29 pm

Tenshi thought at first he was coming for another attack, but instead he just placed a hand on his shoulder. Listening to his words, Tenshi gave him an answer.

"You asked me if I felt empty from my fathers loss. I want to be honest with you. For four years I did. But I stopped being depressed and empty. To make up for my fathers loss, I made a vow to protect everyone I meet and care for. I know for sure I don't have the powers of a sannin, or a sage, or even a kage. But I will do my best, and, like your asking..If it means my life to protect the lives of others, I would rather go defending those people."

It was true that Tenshi really would push himself as far as he could to protect others. Even if it meant giving himself to allow all those people to live and prosper.

"Tsuna-sensei, if you knew that giving your life would save millions of others, would you?"

Tenshi had a slight feeling he would get the lecture that one life didn't really matter, and giving himself to save others even though they would die anyway wasn't worth it, but he still went with his words.
Tenshi Hoyo
Tenshi Hoyo

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Re: Tsuna Uchiha versus Tenshi Hoyo

Post by Deidara on Sat Jul 17, 2010 11:39 pm

(Too lazy to log on as "Tsuna Uchiha")

-His reaction would greatly surprise his student. He said these final words before flickering off.-

Tsuna Uchiha: "I would... but you must always remember... you can save others... and follow your own path. I just hope you know... that a Shinobi... or Kunoichi, must be well-balanced. You cannot just defend. You must attack aswell. So, what I'm saying... is no matter how many people you set out to save, you must always remember one thing... Who. You. Are."

-With that, he was gone, giving his student a last piece of advice before disappearing for now.-

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