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Girei Rules

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Girei Rules

Post by Admin on Fri Jun 04, 2010 7:00 am

These are the site rules. Obey them, and you will not suffer punishment.

1. Respect ALL members, including yourself.
2. Regard all moderators and administrators with respect.
3. Do not godmod. (x: %Name_01 throws a kunai at supersonic speed towards %Name_02. Instant Kill.)
4. Do not argue with moderators or administrators when asked to do something.
5. Do not multi-account without prior permission from an administrator.
6. Do not harass other members for any reason.
7. Do not show racism towards other members for any reason.
8. Do not get out of control. It's good to have fun, but don't ruin it for everyone.
9. Do not have explicit roleplays in the forums, be polite and carry it on in PM's.
10. Do not use too much foul language, we may have younger members.
11. Do not show disrespect in the chat box.
12. Do not spam the chat box.
13. Do not constantly paste images into the chat box.
14. Do not lag the chat box.
15. Do not use scrolling text in the chat box.
16. Anything you create must be approved before you may begin using it.
17. Follow the templates of creation.
18. Obey all the rules.
19. Follow rule 18
20. Follow rule 19

When you finish reading the rules one hundred percent, under the "Did You Read the Rules?" question in your character template put 'icanlrn2rdyessir'.

Punishment for breaking any of the above rules can range from banishment from the forums, a timeout period from roleplaying, or being banned from the chat box. If none of those work, we can think of something creative for you. ;) Don't forget the flesh prison.


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